Speed Racer: The Beginning 1.4.0

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iOS 2.0 or higher

Description of Speed Racer: The Beginning 1.4.0

Based on the famous Japanese anime series, Speed Racer: The Beginning is a side-scroller platform- game which will challenge your reflex skills to the max.

With simple, intuitive controls, tap once to jump or twice to double jump over many challenging obstacles such as gigantic gaps, oil spills, quick sand, opponents and rolling logs dropped by the Mammoth Car itself... Make sure to always keep your eyes on the road and your fingers ready to activate the jump feature of the Mach5 as well as other useful powerups. Timing is everything!

Through 20 cliff hanging levels, collect coins as much as you can to increase your score and unlock in game trophies. Complete with an extensive number of powerups, epic landscapes, vicious gaps and infamous car opponents such as the Black Tiger and Racer X. Speed Racer The beginning will deliver you your daily dosage of challenging action and addictiveness.

- Jump into the Mach5® to test your reflex and fast reactions in this classic platform game.

- Stay focused and navigate through challenging terrain and treacherous conditions – oil spills, pitfalls, ravines, falling rocks, rain, snow, gusty winds, sand storms and more!

-20 gripping levels travelling through caves and mountainous roads to desert badlands and lava chasms.

- Collect coins as you progress to increase your score and unlock trophies.

-Need some help? Access the shop and purchase extra power ups, extra lives and additional Trixie helicopter rides.

Control the fate of the infamous Mach5® and GOGOGO!

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